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By Sega
Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Computer & Video Games #104


Time for tee? No there isn't, so putt that (Ryder) cup down and join the club - the Golfamania club, that is. It's an arcade-style golfing sim, not unlike the World Masters coin-op.

Using a second person perspective 3D view, as well as from a bird's-eye view after the shot has been taken, your objective is to send that little white ball around the course, taking as few shots as possible to put it in each hole.

You have a full range of clubs available, from the long-range woods to the more precise irons, and you're going to need the lot, as well as more than a smattering of skill, if you're to avoid the various hazards such as lakes, trees and bunkers. At the end of the game your score is shown, determined by the amount of shots you took to finish the entire course.


There has only been one other golfing game on the Sega, and while it was quite playable, it's not a patch on Golfamania. Everything about this is classy - high-quality graphics (both 3D and overhead views), atmospheric sound effects and lively tunes, an effective control system and, most importantly, challenging and addictive gameplay.

There are a wide range of options, from choosing the golfer you wish to control (although they're not really supposed to be the real players, some of them do look a lot like the likes of Greg Norman and Sevvy Balleswotsisname) to selecting the type of tournament in which to compete, either a simple practice knockabout or a full-blown eighteen holer.

Sports games seem to work very well on the Master System, and Golfamania is certainly no exception. A good looking, no-hassle arcade simulation which should go down well with the checky-trousers wearers among you.

Paul Rand