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Published in A&B Computing 4.10


Here's a 1986 release that seems to have slipped past everybody - I found it in a pile of cheap tapes at the recent Acorn User Show! A fairly basic golf simulation with options for nine or 18 hole rounds that draws holes fairly randomly but graphically adequately. Choose direction and strength of shot and, assuming you don't end up in the trees or a bunker, it is not too hard to find the hole.

Not as strong a game as CDS' Birdie Barrage, this is still a reasonable game - nothing offensive anyway. Might keep golf addicts quiet whilst awaiting Gary Partis' conversion of Leader Board.

But what else has slipped out that we never see - if you have bought games that are never released, then please tell me. This column's intention is to review everything for you!

Dave Reeder

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