Mean Machines Sega

Golden Axe Warrior

Publisher: Sega
Machine: Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #7

Golden Axe Warrior

Sadness, as well as a dodgy number one single by Enigma (Shouldn't that be enema? - Jaz) is also an adequate description for this retarded RPG masquerading under the Golden Axe name.

Original Scores

Presentation 59%
Graphics 39%
Sound 49%
Playability 38%
Lastability 41%
Overall 40%

What We Said Then

Jaz: Don't be misled by the "Golden Axe" in the title of this game, because this has absolutely nothing in common with Golden Axe, the brilliant beat-'em-up conversion.

Golden Axe Warrior

Matt: With its mind-numbing sound and tedious gameplay, I find it hard to recommend this to any self-respecting Sega owner.

What We Say Now

Jaz: Playing this steaming pile of RPG manure has reminded me of what a dreadful missed opportunity this was. An RPG with Golden Axe characters could have been brill. But no! Ten percent off all marks.

Rich: Pathetic. What could have been a skill Zelda-lookalike remains a gibbering retard of a cart, not worth the effort of playing at all. I think the original scores are fine.