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Home Computing Weekly

By Jupiter Cantab
Jupiter Ace

Published in Home Computing Weekly #20

If you feel a sense of deja vu on running this ineptly-named piece of electronic cannibalism, it will not be in any way surprising, for there is a maze full of dots, a mobile mouth to eat them, ghosts - sorry, gooks! (got to watch the copyright!) - to eat the mouth and powerpacks which give old munchy seven seconds in which to eat a gook. Sounds familiar?

There are two levels of difficulty and the screen instructions tell you than when eaten by a gook you "lose" one of your three lives. The program keeps your ingestion score and tempts you to try to better it.

The game is very fast and will tax the skill of even the experienced arcade addict, who will also presumably feel at home with the continuous noise emission which accompanies it.

A relatively expensive version of this tired old game with very critical volume level on loading.


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