Geoff Capes Strongman
By Martech
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #52

Geoff Capes Strongman

What are you - man or mouse? That's the opening challenge from Martech. Well, next to Geoff Capes that's not an easy thing to answer.

Anyway, generally squeaking, we're a tough, rough lot at C&VG, ready to rise to any challenge.

Geoff Capes Strongman is a simulation game with an added dimension. Instead of just undertaking the various taks, you also have to train for them.

Geoff Capes Strongman

Poor old Geoff's body has been split into eight bits, represented by 'muscle icons'. Only his head is missing. Is that significant, we wonder? Brawn without brain?

Each muscle contains a gauge to show how fit it is and how much energy is available. Different events require different muscles so while training for the six events you must prepare the right muscles.

If during any of the events the energy gauge hits zero, Geoff collapses.

Geoff Capes Strongman

The six events Geoff must compete in to win the Strongman title are the truck pull, log chop, barrel loading, car roll, fairground bell and sumo wrestling.

Between each event there is a short rest period which you can re-distribute remaining muscle energy.

Geoff Capes Strongman is a good simulation, lifted above many of its rivals by the need to actually think about the strategy behind the play. Good fun.

The game is also available on Spectrum, C64, BBC B, Electron, MSX and Atart.