Gazza's Super Soccer

Publisher: Empire
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #100

Gazza's Super Soccer

Paul Gascoine is out of football at the moment with a broken wrist, but that doesn't stop Empire bringing out the licensed computer game. As coach, build your perfect team with the players available, then take them out on the pitch for a bit of the old Saturday afternoon kickabout. Most of the time, play is horizontally scrolling, but entering the penalty area switches the match to a semi-3D view of the goal.

Gazza's Super Soccer is the latest in a long line of soccer games made to look silly by Kick Off on 16-bit and Emlyn Hughes International Soccer on 8-bit. The players are too small and don't run around realistically at all, the scrolling is jerky and the general playing area is far too small. If you want a decent soccer sim, disregard Gazza's and choose one of the aforementioned ones instead.


A tacky soccer game which would be knocked out of the Cup in the first round (probably by a rubbish team like Newport).


Amiga owners already have the best soccer sim available - why on earth would they want one that isn't even half as good?


A poor version of our noble game which fails to meet the standard of the licensee.