Your Sinclair

Game Over

Author: Jonathan Davies
Publisher: Summit
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #50

Game Over

Slipping into the role of Arkos, a small flickery sprite with an incurable attribute problem, your task is to destroy the evil Gremla, a power-crazed empress. Not surprisingly, this involves battling from left to right through several action-packed screens. There's plenty of stuff to shoot, all the usual add-on weapons, but the execution is very poor. The colour-clash makes it very tricky to see what's going on at times, and Arkos seems to float around the screen in a manner which defies all the laws of physics. Difficulty is achieved simply by having loads of baddies attacking you at once. You don't stand a chance, and kicking the bucket means starting again from scratch.

Not even worth buying for the cover piccie, which has been tragically modified.

Jonathan Davies

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