Your Sinclair


Author: Mike Gerrard
Publisher: Clwyd Adventure Software
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #12


All manner of creatures rear their ugly heads in Futurezoo from Clwyd Adventure Software, 14 Snowdon Avenue, Bryn-y-Baal, Nr Mold, Clwyd CH7 6SZ. At £7.95. it's a bit pricey because there's lots of good budget stuff around, but it does come with a bookley and is a two-part game, though it's text only. The text is good, though, with detailed descriptions of the various life-forms in this 22nd century Whipsnade. Most of them could do with a bit more supervision, however, as they all seem out to make you extinct before you can get on with the task of tracking down the Great Seal of Senissa, for reasons it would take ages to explain. The Great Seal of Senissa is not the type that swallows fish by the bucketful; rather it is a 'revered artefact', or so it says here. This game would be quite buyable at £1.99, but as it is I'll look forward to future releases at cheaper prices from the Welsh adventurers.

Mike Gerrard

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