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Full Blast
By Ubisoft
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #70

Full Blast

Ubi Soft's other compilation roars out of the pits with Ferrari Formula One (95%), originally released by Electronic Arts and now out on their budget label, Star Performers (£2.99 cassette, £6.99 disk). This belated conversion caused controversy when it Sizzled in Issue 60; a few readers thought it vastly overrated.

This was mainly due to the rather sluggish race section, but the game has far more to offer than this. It's a full-blown Formula One simulation, with you competing in sixteen Grands Prix. As well as driving, you can make detailed mechanical adjustments to your car - Fiorano (the Ferrari test track) even has a dyno room and wind tunnel.

Another ambitious conversion, Rainbird's Carrier Command (64%) didn't quite come off, substituting an overhead view for the Amiga original's 3D. In this combination of strategy and arcade action, you control a carrier complete with Walrus amphibious tanks and Manta aircraft.

These are needed to invade any of 64 islands, with you battling for overall control with your opponent - a computer-controlled carrier. The game's strong strategic aspect involves supplying your stockpile island with fuel, weapons and replacement vehicles (from your other islands, via underground pipelines). The 2D arcade sections are a bit repetitive though.

MicroStyle's Rick Dangerous (73%) is a highly amusing platform and ladders game with the brave hero exploring flick-screen caverns, doding lethal traps, avoiding/shooting angry natives and blowing up walls with dynamite. It's hardly the most original concept, but still great fun to play - the ideal sort of game to put on a compilation.

Firebird's Jaleco coin-op conversion P47 Thunderbolt (61%) is a no-nonsense, horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-up, with the usual weapons capsules to pick up while battling tanks, planes and huge end-of-level vehicles. It's an okay blast, but lacks the coin-op's two-player mode.

Finally, Microids' Grand Prix 500 is another game never reviewed in Zzap! A one- or two-player race game, it features a novel split-screen effect with two scrolling overhead views.

Other than this, it's pretty unremarkable with much frustration caused by not being able to see very far ahead of your car.


Only Ferrari Formula One really impresses, and that's already available on budget. The other games are merely okay, making up a mediocre package.


This version omits Grand Prix 500, substituting other Microids games. Highway Patrol is a dull driving game with you chasing villains along desert highways. The equally poor Chicago 90 also involves chasing villains, but has a scrollling overhead view.

As for the other games, Ferrari Formula One is fairly old but still a classic, as is Carrier Command (92%). Rick Dangerous and P47 (72%) are much the same as the C64 versions, though the latter benefits from a two-player mode.

Overall, only marginally better than the C64 package.