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Home Computing Weekly

Fruit Search
By Computer Games
Sord M5

Published in Home Computing Weekly #59

The instructions tell you that you are planning a party for your girlfriends, but each will only eat the kind of fruit she likes. Your job is to find out which kind of fruit each girl prefers.

On the left of the screen there is a fruit shop from which you can select various fruits and on the right there are fruit baskets. You select three to five fruits, depending on the difficulty level, then the computer prints a blue fruit for each fruit of correct position and type.

Sounds familiar? Well, you've probably guessed by now, Fruit Search is a derivative of Master Mind, except you have to guess the right combination of fruits instead of boring little pins. And you get pretty pictures on the screen.

Graphics are nice and clear, presentation very professional. There are many nice touches as joypad option and difficulty levels and, even though relatively cheap for a cartridge game, it doesn't represent very good value for money.


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