Your Sinclair

Forgotten City

Author: Mike Gerrard
Publisher: H.A.W.K. Adventuring
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #22

Forgotten City

Another well-above-average adventure comes in the shape of Forgotten City! from Hawk Adventuring, and here too the graphics are very well produced - the amount of detail could explain why there aren't too many of them. The forgotten city of the title is Atlantis - if you can remember what that's famous for. If not, the excellent and professionally printed instructions will help you out. It seems that there are reports of radiation seeping out from somewhere mid-Atlantic, and you've gone to investigate 'cos if this is the lost city of Atlantis, there could be valuable treasure to be had in the shape of Neptune's famed trident. Well, you don't think you're risking radiation just for the sake of mankind, do you? We adventurers always like a little treasure to spur us on.

Once you've landed on a beach, the only way into the city that you find is via an underground cave network where a strangely-coloured river gives you radiation sickness before you can get very far. I tried eating the medicinal berries but they're obviously not that medicinal. Nor could I push, pull or otherwise move the switch in the decontamination room. Curses! I did wonder if maybe the vocabulary wasn't as extensive as it might be, but the network of locations show that the game itself is pretty extensive - at least as far as I was able to get before my nails crumbled, my hair fell out and I was no longer the pretty sight I normally am. [Since when? - Ed]

Forgotten City! has all the commands we know and love from games done on Quill, Illustrator and Patch, and I don't know how the loading screen was done, but that too is worth seeing, and the game itself is well worth buying.

Mike Gerrard

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