Football Manager
By Addictive Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #39

Football Manager

Budding Bobby Robsons should have no problems with this game on level 1, but on level 7 it'll probably defeat even the great man himself.

Originally in text-only form on a ZX81, the Spectrum version had the added attraction of 3D graphics used for the match highlights. These are still here in the Amstrad version, and better than before.

First, though, you have to pick your team. Then, once you've chosen which side you wish to lead to victory, you can examine your team list. You will start with eleven players, although some may not be deemed fit by the computer to be able to play the next match. This means that you'll have to open the old purse and buy someone. Don't bid too high or you'll waste your money.

Football Manager

Once you have a team, you can play a match. Sometimes you'll simply be given the final score, while on others you will get full graphical highlights with real characters kicking the ball into the net.

After each game, you have the opportunity to revise your team list. You can also ask for a report card for yourself which gives you your current position in the league, the financial situation of the club and a "managerial rating" of your performance so far.

If the money's getting scarce and you need some players, the bank manager will usually oblige, but it's never a good idea to be in debt. You can examine the league table whenever you wish and see how your team stands. Asking for the player list will show each player's name, whether he is fit to play and his current skill and energy ratings.

Football Manager

You can change your level of skill for the game at any time and, to add a personal touch, you can change the names of the players as well.

There's a save game facility included, so you don't have to fit a season's work into an afternoon.

This game probably won't convert you into a football freak, but if you are one already then you'll like it.