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Fight Night
By U. S. Gold
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #50

Fight Night

Look, why can't they make games about flower arranging or something a little less rough than boxing or Kung Fu? I'm covered in bruises from head to toe - and they ask me to review *another* boxing game.

Still, it was worth it! Fight Night is a graphic spectacular. The boxers are represented cartoon-style - and it's a bit like actually finding yourself in control of a TV cartoon.

You can fight using the computer boxers - or construct your own fighters *and* train them. You build your boxer up in a "construction set" sequence. You must choose his body, legs and head - which all range from weedy to brutal. You can even choose the colour of the boxer's kit - I particularly liked the tasteful blues and greens!

Then it's on to the training session where you build up your boxer's strength and agility using a punch bag.

Once you think your boxer is ready for the ring, you can enter him for the "Fight Night" tournament, or set up your own championship using boxers you have constructed. This is where the two player mode really comes into its own. It's great fun building a boxer and fighting against one your mate has created.

The computer opponents you come up against each have their own sneaky tricks. Dip Stick a deceptively weedy looking character who wears glasses does this strange twisting punch to your groin while Chinaman Hu Him will aim a powerful Kung Fu kick at you!

You'll soon learn all these little tricks as you play - and how to avoid getting hit. The joystick allows fluid movement/punching.

A nice feature of this game is that you can actually win on points. You score every time you land a clean hit on your opponent. You also get a KO meter - and the noise of the crowd gets louder as you get nearer that KO punch.

The computer boxers behave in a satisfying fashion when you bash them - they look bothered and bewildered as you land punches on their chin. My Favourite is Kid Kastro who loses his cigar and his hat when you sock him on the jaw!

Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing may be a more accurate boxing simulation - but if you want your boxing action to have a touch of humour then book a ringside seat for Fight Night. It'll keep you on your toes and have you rolling in the aisles at the same time. Great value.