Felix Meets The Evil Weevils
By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in Computer & Video Games #39

Felix Meets The Evil Weevils

If you always thought that you could beat any computer game then you probably haven't tried this one. It's hard, and I mean hard.

Weevils are those furry creatures which shoot through tubes in children's TV programmes while the sound effects department provides suitable squeaks.

In this game, the tubes and pipes are on the screen and our yellow furry friends are still there. But computer games need violence, so Micro Power gives you a never-ending supply of pesticide to spray into the face of the oncoming weevil.

Felix Meets The Evil Weevils

As well as weevils and tubes, there are lots of conveyor belts and ball bearings. If you manage to reach the lever, you'll be able to reverse the belt and bring a weevil towards you ready to spray it to death. If you get run over by a ball bearing, you lose a life.

There are oxygen cylinders scattered around, too, which will help to keep you alive, as will the emergency panic button. This makes you immune to weevils.

A good game from Program Power. It's hard but good. Sound effects are included, although you can turn them off if the neighbours are trying to get to sleep while you're still trying to swat a weevil.