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ZX Computing

Fantasia Adventure
By S&B Software
Sinclair QL

Published in ZX Computing #23

Fantasia Adventure

This program is a text adventure set in a series of scenes. The player takes on the role of a spy in a hostile country under the absolute rule of the emperor. Your mission is in two parts: to recapture some of the sacred treasures looted from your country and to assassinate the emperor who is oppressing your people.

There is not much in the way of graphics, and both sound and colour are very limited, but then they are not really needed in an adventure program. The text is set out in three windows, two which tell you your location and objects and one for input.

It is very easy to backup as there is a backup program on the cartridge which is run separately from the master cartridge. It is easy to use, all you have to do is place the master in mdv1 and your blank cartridge in mdv2 and run the backup program.

Playing is very simple but it is very easy to get lost unless you keep a map of your movements. Commands are also very simple and can be easily remembered. It is presented very well although there are no on-screen instructions and the written ones are two typed sheets of A4, but they explain the game and how to play it very well.

It is quite a good game overall and is a very good game for adventure lovers, atmosphere is well created and some of the problems are quite difficult.

Damian Clay