Exhumed (Sega) Review | Mean Machines Sega - Everygamegoing


By Lobotomy
Sega Saturn (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #49


Developers Lobotomy used the engine from the awesome PC game Duke Nukem 3D for Exhumed - a sophisticated Doom clone set in Egypt.

You are Leigh Singer, an archaeologist exploring the tombs of Karnak, trying to prevent a demonic scheme to resurrect the body of King Rameses III.

Exhumed has got a lot going for it - the mechanics of the game are more advanced than competitors Doom and Alien Trilogy (you can look up and down), the sound effects are superb and the game structure has more in common with RPGs than linear level-to-level shoot-'em-ups.

A central section is linked to a number of subsidiary 'hub' levels which you can visit to procure artefacts and weaponry that may become useful when you retrace your steps.

The strength of Alien Trilogy's licence may mean it eclipses Exhumed this Christmas, but Sega's Egyptian adventure really is the more absorbing game.


The most sophisticated and impressive Doom-style game on the Saturn this year. An essential purchase.