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Home Computing Weekly

Escape From Moonbase Alpha
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #30

This 3D graphic adventure loads in four parts. Comprehensive instructions are displayed by the program but these become a frustration once familiar with the game as they are displayed automatically on loading.

The game is fun to play and features impressive graphics and a host of characters. It is a pleasant change from the rather dry narrative adventure games.

You control the movement of Joey who has been left abandoned on Moonbase Alpha. His only escape is to locate the Doctor down on level seven and, if enough bags of gold have been colelcted on the way, the Doctor will transport him away in the Tardis.

This all sounds nice and easy, until you stumble across Deadly Doris, metal maulers, green grapplers, the Demon and the Wizard. Or, worse still, you could encounter Marvin, the paranoid android, and be bored to death. If you get into a sticky situation you can turn Joey into the Incredible Hulk for five seconds.

A couple of minor criticisms are the choice of keys for moving Joey around, and the pause between changing rooms is sometimes frustrating.