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Epyx Action
By Epyx
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #49

Epyx Action

Right, you're absolutely brassic (skint!) after Christmas, right? You want to buy a new game and you've got just enough dosh to manage it. And what better buy could there be than one of the many compilations which are want to appear at this time of year? And here's one from Epyx! Shall we check it out? No? Alright then. (Oi! Come back!! Ed) Er... right, here we go...

Impossible Mission II

Hurrah. Probably the best game here, and certainly the only YS Megagame in the compilation. By today's standards of programming it wouldn't score as high because the graphics are so dated. Its main strength is the playability. The evil Elvin Atombender is intent on world domination for the second time (you foiled him the first time in Impossible Mission I, didn't you?) and so it's up to you to infiltrate his secret tower block with your special spy equipment, find all the hidden objects and codes, solve all the puzzles, and then hoof it! If you're not put off by brain-blending puzzle solving then this is a goodie. Rating: 75%

4x4 Off-Road Racing

This one first saw the light of day back in April when our Jack scored it a big seven out of ten. It's not bad really, a sort of Enduro Racer with 4x4 trucks instead of bikes. What it has over that game is that you can choose one of four different trucks to match the requirements of the four different terrains. You can also buy loads of 'custom' extras to help you on your way. However, the main 'prob' is that each level multiloadds. Not bad in its actual gameplay, but no more fun than Enduro which is now on budget.

California Games

Blimey! This one crops up all over the shop, doesn't it? First released in March '88 it's also been on US Gold's World Beaters compilation. Basically it's a waggler, or keyboard basher if you prefer. You and up to four chums can get to take part in six weird Californian 'sports'. These are Half-Pipe Skateboarding, Footbag (which involves keeping a bean bag in the air on your foot), Flying Disk (frisbee throwing), Roller Skating, BMX Bike Racing and Surfing. Big blocky colourful graphics, zilcho sound, and, erm, not much else. Pass. Rating: 60%

Street Sports Basketball

Oldest of the selection is this sports sim, first released back in August '88, and, er, roundly panned when it was given to that fun and fancy-free chappie, Jonathan, to review. Yep, it scored a big five! Well, by today's standards, it doesn't even rate that! You get to choose your teams (of three!) and the location for the match, then you get to battle it out. It involves multiloading, but even if it didn't it still wouldn't be worth it. The graphics look exceedingly dated and the control system is a very hit-and-miss affair. Worst of the bunch! Rating: 40%

The Games: Winter Edition

Oh no! It's another of those waggling multi-sports sims! This time you get to participate in varoius event inspired by the Winter Olympics. There's Figure Skating (snore!), Speed Skating (loads of skiing), Slalom, Downhill, Cross Country, the Ski Jump and the Luge! Remarkably similar in fact to US Gold's Winter Games when you care to think about it! (But I wouldn't, 'cos I didn't like that one much either!) I've always fancied a bit of luge, but the novelty soon wears off (oo-er!) Rating: 50%

So there we have it, a bit of a duffer in bargs' clothing. I remember the days, mumble muffle, when the first compilation games appeared. They were always real value for money. Nowadays, though these games were former full pricers, they are all a tad dated and, er, not really that exciting! Here the better games aren't really good enough to save the whole. Sorry, Epyx, but this compilation did nothing for me. Of course, if you like thousands of different sport wagglers then you may not be of the same opinion.

Hardly the most innovative of games for a compilation, so, considering the price, you'd do well to think twice.

David Wilson

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