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Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz
By Audiogenic
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #80

Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz

Based on trivia machines in the pubs, Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quit objective is to correctly answer as many questions as possible and collect a lot of dosh. Moving from left to right across a scrolling maze of coloured tiles you win a round by reaching the Win bar at the other end.

The questions are multiple choice and offer six themed categories: Pop and Rock, Sport, Entertainment, Arts and Literature, People and Places and General Knowledge. Three answers are offered - guess right and you move to the next square, a wrong answer moves the Lose bar closer to you (n it catches up with you it's end of game).

Collecting cash on the way allows you to enter the next level and fruit gives you a bonus. To help you stay one step ahead of the Lose Bar there are friendly tiles, these include clock stoppers which freeze the movement of the screen for a shod while and bonus game tiles that allow you to enter a special round played against the clock.

Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz has been awaited for quite a long time (it was previewed in Issue 73), and I'm afraid I'm disappointed. Movement of your cursor is sluggish: very often I found I had to bash the relevant control key several times to gain any response. Graphically the game is good: at least the Emlyn sprite is recognisable. But at the end of the day Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz suffers the usual problem of computer quiz games - repetition of questions.

MARK ... 70%

Richard ... 64%

'This could have been such a good quiz game if it wasn't for one incredibly irritating element - the control keys are so unresponsive! It's difficult to select a question tile, difficult to move your cursor to the right answer... it really spoils it. The cash and fruit bonuses are a fairly novel feature, and working out how to grab the bonuses, cash and fruit whilst keeping one step ahead of the Lose Bar is fun. Having so much going for it, it's a shame Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz is let down by just one (but major) fault.'

Mark CaswellRichard Eddy