Elektra Glide
By English
Commodore 64/Atari 800/Atari 800XL

Published in Computer & Video Games #52

Elektra Glide

If it's speed and super-sonics you want from a game then look no further, Elektra Glide must be the fastest game on the Atari right now - and English Software promise the same speed for the C64 version soon to be released.

Elektra Glide is a driving game without overtaking or pitstops. It's more in the Mad Max mode. A desperate race against time and hazards - like spinning cubes and bouncing balls which look like refugees from The Prisoner. And there's a jet which drops electrostatic columns to block the road ahead of your speeding car just to add to your problems. Oh yes, there's an 80 second time limit on each sector too.

All this adds up to a fast and good-looking game - one that you need to play in a dark room with your TV's volume turned up full. The sound effects and music have to be heard to be believed.

Elektra Glide

You get a driver's eye view of the road ahead - which disappears into the misty distance with some nicely drawn mountains on the horizon. There are five different zones to race across - selectable from an options screen at the start of the game. These are Scotland, England, Wales, USA and Australia. Each zone has different landscape graphics.

The scrolling is extremely fast and super smooth - matching the classic Drop Zone for sheer speed.

When it comes to playability the game is more for your soul than to provide an out and out arcade challenge. There's no running score totaliser, or a hi-score to measure your achievements against in the Atari version - but it will be added to the C64 game.

The jet which swoops overhead to beam down the dangerous electro-columns is an original touch. And the sound it makes as it blasts overhead is brilliant! Listen for it as you play.

Elektra Glide is superbly presented and looks extremely stylish - we rate it as the second best Atari game released this year. First? Drop Zone of course!