Amstrad Action

Elektra Glide
By English
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #17

Elektra Glide

Elektra Glide calls itself a 'fantasy racing epic', but I don't see where the fantasy or the epic parts come in. You drive a vehicle to avoid hazards, trying to complete a course in the time given.

The menu screen is very attractive with the word 'Elektra', drawn in lines, which move to become 'Glide.' Initially you must choose the steering control envelope. This governs, or is supposed to govern, the firmness of the steering. You then choose which country you wish to race in England, Australia or America. The difference between the three back-drops is minimal but there are colour changes.

You start off in a tunnel. The car revs up and you push forward to accelerate. Bouncing balls, rotating spheres and blocks speed towards you. If they hit you, they will stop you in your tracks. Every now and again, a plane will fly overhead. It will drop cylinders on the road ahead -which you must avoid. Nothing drastic happens if you hit them, you just stop!

Elektra Glide

To complete each lap, you must reach another tunnel. Once in the tunnel, you must steer your way through, avoiding the walls, to start the next lap. Graphics are good, except that you never see another car or anything interesting. The 'perspective scrolling landscapes' are simply the same old peaks scrolling round the horizon. Scrolling is smooth and play is fast.

The main fault is the lack of steering. You might as well not steer, because you will not come off at bends. You won't crash, just lose time. You go through the signs at the side of the road which pass quickly by. You have great difficulty in steering around any of the obstacles using any of the three steering control envelopes. The game is graphically attractive and tough to master but isn't the epic that the cassette inlay claims.

Second Opinion

The Amstrad is chronically short of 3D racing games, so in comparison Elektra Glide looks pretty good. The graphics are great, and so is the title tune. It's just let down by some awkward gameplay. The unresponsive steering is annoying, but if you can cope with that there's a reasonable challenge here.

Green Screen View

Elektra Glide

No problem seeing the way ahead.

First Day Target Score

Complete one course.

Good News

P. Good scrolling graphics.
P. Fast action.
P. Tough driving with difficult obstacles.

Bad News

N. Steering isn't responsive enough.
N. Lacks variety.

Bob Wade

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