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Home Computing Weekly

By Nectarine
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

A cheap but useable word processor, which doesn't have all the facilities of much more expensive programs but is perfectly adequate if you just want to type an occasional letter. It is supplied in a video-type box, with a comprehensive leaflet. The cassette also has a version which can be saved to disc.

The standard Dragon display of capitals and inverse capitals is used. This is legible enough, but means that what you see on the screen looks nothing like the printed version!

Written in Basic, it could easily be modified - to change type-face options to suit different printers, for instance. The original options are for the Epson FX80.

Entering text is straightforward, but editing less so. The main Edit function is similar to the Dragon's editor. There is also a line editor which enables you to insert, delete or move single lines or blocks of text.

Other facilities include automatic wordwrap, justified printing, find and replace words or phrases, and of course saving and loading text files on disc and cassette.

Overall, it's as good a program as you could expect for the price.


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