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Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge
By Martech

Published in Electron User 2.06

This program takes the story of Eddie Kidd and puts it neatly into a computer game. It is a "jump challenge" for you because each copy of the program enables you to enter your highest score into a national competition.

The game begins with you, the challenging stunt person, proving your ability on a BMX. Before you are let loose trying to jump cars you have first to try oil barrels. To graduate from the BMX, you have to make two successful jumps over the barrels. The first is easier than the second.

If at any time you crash you are sent back to the BMX to start again. Assuming a little competence, you'll get to the motorbike level. The screen display now includes a speedo, separate rev counter and a gearbox indicator.

It is vital that you use the gearbox and throttle together to gain speed (gears are changed by pressing the corresponding number key). Using the keyboard alone I found no difficulty, but with a joystick, I doubt that I would manage to keep hitting the right key. As you succeed with each jump the length increases and so does the difficulty.

The Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge competition is open to each cassette owner. However, you may only make one entry. If you make a jump that qualifies, the game stops and you are given two options.

One is to continue and take the risk that you may crash on the next round. The other is to enter the competition by inserting a blank cassette and following the screen instructions.

This is a neat games package with the bonus of a free-to-enter competition. It should be very popular.

John Woollard

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