Eagle (Arcade Games) Review | Chewing Gum - Everygamegoing

Gumboot Software

By Arcade Games
Colour Genie

Published in Chewing Gum 8409

By some supernatural quirk, there are space eagles that can fly through space and attack you. They swoop down firing at you and you have to fire at them with your missile base. The action is thick and fast and your wrists soon ache.

The first few waves hover around then the later waves swoop down on you with beating wings. Addicts of "dodge" and "zap" games will take very readily to Eagle as the emphasis is on really fast machine code action. The graphic effects are good but can be a strain on your eyes at times, as the eagles dart around a lot.

Overall Verdict: A very fast Galaxians or Phoenix-type game that will provide a real challenge to any arcade enthusiast.

It runs on any Colour Genie machine.