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By Arcade Games
Colour Genie

Published in Chewing Gum 8405

Droids is another new original game that is produced by Arcade Games. It comes with a colourful inlay card, complete with loading and playing instructions.

Apparently, the Droids have flipped! They have gone haywire and taken over a gigantic (it is!) lunar city (What's that? I hear you say!). Using a laser tank, the Droids and mines have to be cleared. This, I assure you is difficult but fun!

After choosing one or two players, level 0-9, you are then asked which floor of the city you wish to attempt. These are each given names such as Atomic Power Plant and Recreation Area.

The screen is then drawn and as soon as it is ready, you're off. The top of the screen displays from left to right: Player one's number of lives, score, high score, player two's scores, number of lives.

My first impression was that it was just another Pacman. However, this was short-lived as it is very different. It is original and great fun. On the higher level, the Droids always seem to know your position and fire at the first chance with fervent success; very clever indeed.

If all the mines are cleared within the time limit, your points clock up and you go back to choose another level. As I insist on playing on level 9 (the hardest), I can't tell you what happens when the whole city is cleared; Champagne perhaps!

To sum up, Droids is an overall good, fun game. It does have problems on certain TVs but all instructions are included.

Christopher Walton

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