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Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
By Sega
Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #19

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

"So, you are ze buyers from Zega, que?"

"Yes, that's right. We'd like to see all your beans, if you please."

"Zeze are ze beans we recommend for Mazter Zyztem games, they are very..."

"What about these beans over there?"

"Zose are ze 'Mean Beans', we normally only uze zem in Megadrive games"

"At Zega, we like to use the same quality of beans in our Master System games that you keep for the Megadrive. I'll take them all."

"Hadn't I better check that wiz ze bozz?"

"You just have!"

Millions of little Mean Machines readers have grown up to reliase: Beanz Means Tetris.


Mean Bean Machine is a two-way battle of renewal. Throughout the game, linked beans in a variety of colours fall into the player's troughs. These will begin to stack untidily unless you rotate the beans so colours match. When a group of matching beans exceeds four, the beans disappear, leaving a gap that any stacked above fall into. This process continues until either the right or left player is unable to stop beans piling off the top of the screen.

Personal Trainer

There are two one-player modes: Exercise is an open-ended game, with you trying to rack up a new high score. Puzzle Mode sets objectives - line up twelve beans, complete four waves, etc.


All the features of the 16-bit version are here, if not quite so accomplished.

In comparison, the screen window is a bit smaller, and the opponents are definitely not so challenging. With a few lucky breaks, you can make mincemeat of very advanced foes, although the speed does up considerably. The other play modes are better, with tough puzzles and endless two-player potential.

Mean Bean Machine is the classiest Master System puzzle to date.


Most of the features of the Megadrive version have been packed into the Master System cart - with almost as much fun value.

My only reservation is that the one-player Scenario mode is too easy - I finished it in a couple of hours. But it's nice to see a two-player mode packed in there which should provide endless pleasure, as well as a pretty tough puzzle mode which I'm still battling with!

Topper stuff and a must buy for all puzzle freaks.


Graphics 66%
Very spartan, but effective.

Sound 62%
Only a single tune, and an absence of many sound FX.

Playability 80%
High, although the foes don't attack enough.

Lastability 82%
The Story Mode is short-lived, the other modes last longer.

Value For Money 91%
Comparable with Megadrive Mean Bean for much less dosh!

Overall 87%
A polished puzzler that is a treat for two players.