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Disposable Heroes
By The Power House
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #74

Disposable Heroes

Ho Humm. The mega-garbage beings are on the rampage again (I think I must have been asleep the first time). It's loony budget software plot time again in Disposable Heroes, you play a sort of yellow bird on skis, and bounce around the brain-numbingly repetitive screens seeking out and destroying the garbage beings. Movement is largely by accident, since it is controlled - apart from left and right - only by a series of landing pads scattered around the screens. Hit a red one and you slow down, while others speed you up. Every so often you may get carried up and down between levels via chutes.

If you manage, after a bit of random bouncing, to find a deadly owl you get to take over his brain. This turns out to be a simple 'Simon' variant it's so easy to as to be laughable Graphics: uninteresting; gameplay: mostly dull, with occasional moments of near interest, sound: bizz, buzz, nee, nee, tapp. Don't think so really. Disposable.

Overall Summary

Label: Power House

Graham Taylor

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