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Disc 50

Published in Amstrad Action #11

Disc 50

This is the disc version of Cascade's Cassette 50, which costs £9.95, and contains 50 different games. As you might expect they don't come up to much when looked at individually but, considering each one on the disc costs only 30 pence, that need not be too much of a drawback.

There are 25 games on each side of the disc which can be loaded from a starting menu. This is where the disc product really score over the cassette version because you don't have to fuss around trying to find a particular game, and it will load in no time at all.

Choosing which games to look at isn't easy but if you just work through them you're bound to come across a few that you'll like. Many of the names are more attractive than the games themselves, but it won't take you long to find out which ones.

Obviously we can't tell you about all 50 games but there are several that deserve note. There's a game of Backgammon that can be played against the computer or another player, and a version of Othello called Nemesis IV. Both computer opponents play reasonably well but don't expect them to hold you up for long.

Another game worth picking out is Dragons Maze which is a very large maze game which you can explore. One which caught my eye was Trucking, a trading game which had a nice line in hitchhikers. There are all sorts of other games from the simple arcade variety to adventure games and strategy - some are even educational.

Some of the games are diabolical but, with 50 to choose from, you're bound to find some you'll like. It's only really worth buying for a new computer owner who wants to see a lot of games for little money, because you won't want to play most of the games more than once. Reasonable value but not likely to get anyone raving.

Second Opinion

These games may sound like good value, but at 30p a time a lot of them are still seriously overpriced - even the very best would only make mediocre budget titles. Rummaging through the titles in search of something playable can be a lot of fun, but don't expect to find anything amazing.

Good News

P. 50 games at 30p each.
P. Good games like Backgammon, Othello and Dragons Maze.
P. Very easy loading.

Bad News

N. Some really diabolical games.
N. Only really suitable for a computer novice.

Bob Wade