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Diet Master
By Delta 7
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #22

Diet Master


'NOW your computer can look after you instead of defending the earth,” says the introduction to Diet Master, which aims to help you control your weight and plan a healthy diet on the 48K Spectrum.

The program is accompanied by a booklet containing the information about calories and the nutritional value of various foods and as you are asked questions about your age, size, build and activities, you are referred constantly to the book for background information.

The authors claim that Diet Master can provide a personalised diet plan faster than books could do but that is debatable. There are any number of books and charts covering the same material and it should be possible to plan a sensible diet for oneself by using them. But if you like to let the computer do the work for you, this is a clearly-explained and well-presented program.

Diet Master is available from Delta 7 Software, 11 Claremont Drive, Headingly, Leeds LS6 4ED.

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