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Diamond Mine 2
By Blue Ribbon
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in The Micro User 4.03

A girl's best friend

Have you ever wished you could own a diamond mine? Well, now you can if you buy Blue Ribbon's latest release.

In the game you must obviously collect all the diamonds scattered about the mine shafts. You have an assistant to help you a robot called Diamo who keeps the winch motor running until you have run out of energy or collected all the diamonds on that screen.

At the beginning of every game Diamo casually walks across the screen wearing a cute pair of red shots and an innocent look on his face and tells you to get ready to play the game.

> You collect the diamonds by using a vacuum pipe that will suck up any diamond it is directed at. Roaming the mine shafts all the time are the evil 'eyes'. They will kill you if they touch your pipe, but you can suck them up temporarily.

You must be careful not to go back on yourself when trying to kill the eyes because you will lose a life, however, it is possible to retract the pipe by pressing Return.

When you do this everything on the screen stops except for the movement of your pipe, which makes the game even easier than it already is.

> If you run out of energy before you have completed the screen then poor old Diamo's head explodes in a puff of smoke.

There are 10 levels to negotiate and you have four lives to do them in. After level 10 the cycle starts again, but this time the screens will be invisible.

Diamond Mine II is very much an average game that is fairly easy to master. At best it may keep the kids quiet for a few days.

Simon Rubins