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Derby Day
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #5

It's Saturday at the races. Place your bets with Honest Clive the bookie and the race begins. This race simulation game from Computer Rentals should prove a cheap and harmless way to quell the family's gambling instincts.

Up to five players can bet at one time, and there are seven races to a meeting. Three levels of play are offered, from "fun" to "dead serious punter" - the highest level lets you enter horses' names and odds of your own choice.

At the start of the game, you also choose whether to bet for pounds or pence - if you choose pence, one of the players becomes Honest Clive's partner and runs their own book.

For the race itself, a machine code routine scrolls the screen from left to right as the horses thud along the track. As they near the fmish, the action changes to slow motion. If the occasion arises, a photo finish result is given.

If you win your bet, your total is increased according to the odds on the winning horse, and if your horse comes in second, you get one quarter of the odds.