Demon's Lair Plus Games Pack (Dark Concept) Review | Chewing Gum - Everygamegoing

Gumboot Software

Demon's Lair Plus Games Pack
By Dark Concept
Colour Genie

Published in Chewing Gum January/February 1985

When I saw these two tapes I was hopeful as there was some nice artwork on the covers. Demon's Lair loads in three parts, and finally the title screen appears. This screen is most impressive indeed and I eagerly awaited the actual playing of the game. Instructions were scanty but I determined to get to grips with the game. But I couldn't! A very well drawn screen appears full of ancient style pillars and a nicely animated matchstick man. A key appears and I was able to steer the matchstick figure up some steps to get it. However, I couldn't seem to do anything with it before the ridiculously small time limit expired.

And that, I regret to say, is the sum total of my experience with Demon's Lair. This is a shame, because it looks more promising visually - so then, Dark Concept, what am I doing wrong?

Now onto "Not Just Another Games Pack". I am sorry to say that this tape of twelve games is just another games pack of boring, slow, predictable games written in Basic. If the author is limiting himself to Basic then he should stay clear of games with animated movement, as ordinary Basic just isn't suitable in my opinion.

This pack would represent a worthwhile investment however for anyone who wants twelve listings to experiment with, but unfortunately I cannot recommend it for anyone who wants to have a night in playing games.

N. Hanney