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Demon Attack
By Imagic
Philips Videopac

Published in Computer & Video Games #23

Demon Attack

It's here - the first independently produced game for the Phillips G7000. A first for Imagic, with versions of their top sellers Demon Attack and Atlantis. The jury have been out for several hours now considering the verdict on Demon Attack.

One of the main points raised by Counsel for the Prosecution was the jerky, slow-moving missiles. It was felt that this compared poorly with the fast action obtainable on the original 2600 version of this colourful game.

In a powerful speech which must have convinced many of the waverers on the jury, the your barrister told the court that Phillips' Demon Attack has no laser-spitting aliens - thus leaving out the prettiest part of the original game.

Demon Attack

It's pointless to speculate what the verdict will be - you'll just have to wait till the end of this review to find out wwhat that will be.

For my own part I found the laser base very sluggish. I don't know if this is due to the game itself or the infamous Phillips joysticks - either way you get blasted all too easily and more often than not through no fault of your own. Not the best thing to happen when you're dealing with deadly aliens.

Colours are duller on the G7000 version than on the Atari which - all in all adds up to Demon Attack being a fairly unsuccessful conversion.

Full marks to Imagic for producing games for the Phillips but a little bit more consideration to what would make a good game for this system rather than what would sell well on it might have produced a better game.


Not the best shoot-'em-up available for the G7000.