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Delta Wing
By Mastertronic Added Dimension
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #27

Delta Wing

Flight simulations tend to be a little boring to arcade addicts. OK, they need fifty fingers and an alert mind and may be realistic but just flying around aimlessly seems a bit pointless.

Delta Wing attempts to overcome this by adding a combat element to the action; you have to bomb the enemy bases the number of which, one to six, you select at the start. Air-to-air combat is also featured and the enemy planes are out to destroy both you and your bases.

Flying seems a little easier than on some programs, but it certainly isn't simple. The control panel at the bottom of the screen contains fourteen indicators and guages and there are fourteen control keys to master. Graphically the game is excellent, the cockpit panel is crammed full but is still readable, they even found room to show your hand on the joystick, moving up/down/left/right as you press the keys. Even the pilot's knees move!

The usual two screen modes, an actual view and an aerial map are included and I suspect that the lack of ground detail in view mode is theprice paid for the combat routines.

Speed is always a factor in this kind of program, and here the program scores, scenery (mostly horizon) is acceptably smooth and enemy planes (wire-frame) move very quickly - blink and you'll miss them, apart from the bullet hole which appear in your window.

All joystick protocols are supported and there is even a two player option for two Interface 1 owners connected by the net.

Simulation purists may not like the combat routines and arcade addicts may not like the amount of simulation, but personally I loved it!

A Monster Hit.