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Deep Strike
By Durell
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #59

Deep Strike

Gott in Himmell vot iz zis? Ze bloody Red Baron has gone too far zis time!! One minute he is firing away at ze dreded British, zen he makes way for suicidal black bombers and Blue Maxes. Whatever next!

Well what comes next in Deep Strike, is a chance to blow away the Bosch using your bombs, when you finally arrive at your designated destination, which happens to be a convenient fuel dump.

You're in control of World War I fighter plane, escorting four bombers and it's your job to both protect and guide the bombers to their target.

The terrain is very similar in layout to Combat Lynx and the enemy planes come out from all angles at you.

Keeping on the right flight path is not difficult, but avoiding hills is, and too much hill hitting results in a broken propeller and we all know what happens next!

There are black planes that just fly straight at you bombers so avoid those at all costs, and the Blue Maxes are very accurate so shoot them as soon as possible.

If you manage to survive all this heat, you'll come across the fuel dump so bombs away and it all starts again.

It's quite good fun initially, but very overpriced. Certainly not worth a tenner.

The game loses its edge after a while, there isn't really enough in it to keep you hooked, pretty soon I began to lose interest. Actually I got more fun out of shooting my own bombers into oblivion than the Jerries!

The graphics are very pretty, the sound is fair, its just, is that all there is?

Label: Durrell Price: £9.95 Memory: 48K/128K Reviewer: Andy Moss


Overall Summary

A really average shoot 'em up simulation that never really gets off the ground. And it's over-priced too.

Andy Moss

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