Deadenders (Top Ten) Review | Computer & Video Games - Everygamegoing


By Top Ten
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #90


This is a spoof of Eastenders, centred around the characters of Herbert Square. Effl's dog Willie has gone missing, and your first job is to find it. However, it turns out to have been literally flattened to death, and so the quest turns into a hunt for the killer.

To follow up the mystery involves asking people about things. Most questions fail to yield useful information, making this a rather hit and miss affair, although some answers are designed to raise a few smiles - providing you know your Eastender characters, who appear in this game under recognisable pseudonyms. All very punny, and fiendishly unoriginal.

This is a GACked adventure, with a rather poor vocabulary that shows off the GAC's gaspingly long response time to unrecognised words to its best advantage. There are a few graphics, flat uninteresting pictures of such fascinating things as park benches, washing machines, and a pub bar. Every so often the text background colour changes at the showing of a different picture, and your eyes have to make a quick adjustment to read the text comfortably.

Cassette adventures starving for a game to run on their machines would do far better to get hold of some older previously unplayed titles, from the likes of Scott Adams, Brian Howarth, or Stefan Ufnowski.