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Danger Mouse In Making Whoopee
By Creative Sparks
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #19

Danger Mouse In Making Whoopee

Greenback has yet another scheme to gain him World domination. This one involves making whoopee cushions and placing them on the chairs in the United Nations. Danger Mouse has been brought back from his holiday in order to counter this latest threat. Setting off for Chicago (the windy city), he must drive round, find and destroy the gas factories before eventually making his way to the cushion factory where he must burst as many as he can.

The screen is split into two with a 3D view of his surroundings at the top and a plan view at the bottom. DM must drive around looking for factories and stores. These are situated at dead ends in the road system and a quick press of the fire button takes DM into another screen.

Factories consist of mini platform games. Stores are a series of doors, each of which teleports you to another one. Should you work out the correct route to the exit, you are rewarded with an object. These are useful for when you are driving round. At certain points in the road system, there are blockages in the forms of troll tolls and other hazards. You need a specific object to get past each obstacle. The final confrontation involves you bouncing round the cushions trying to pop them.

The game is a mish-mash of several ideas and doesn't work very well. Controlling the car when you are driving is awkward. The graphics range from poor to bad. Like the subject matter, this game is a load of hot air.