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Danger Mouse In Making Whoopee
By Creative Sparks
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #32

Danger Mouse In Making Whoopee

Danger Mouse is taking a well-earned holiday down in Cheddar Gorge in the sunny West Country. It should be a nice quiet holiday as he's on his own without the bespectaled and easily startled Penfold, but despite the beautiful countryside, DM is finding it hard to relax. Even the famous Cheddar Cheese Straws can't put his mind at rest.

Eventually his worst fears are confirmed: a telegram from Colonel K tells him that Baron Greenback is up to his dastardly tricks again. Poor little Penfold has been kidnapped by the Baron's henchmen. But's that's just the tip of the iceberg. The grotesque Greenback has come up with his worst plan ever for ultimate World Domination...

At his hideout in Chicago. the Baron and his minions are busy manufacturing thousands of Whoopee cushions. Strange. But there is method behind this madness. The plan is to put them on every seat in the United Nations. So at the next meeting there will be so many blushes and apologies in every language imaginable that during the ensuing chaos Greenback will be able to sneak in and take over the world.

Danger Mouse casts aside his packet of Cheese straws and sets off for Chicago. Quite apart from the Baron's sinister whoopee cushion factory. a number of gas making factories and power stations must be shut down as they supply the Baron with power and materials for cushion factory. If DM manages to shut down enough of these factories, when he eventually gets through to the Whoopee cushion plant he'll find it a lot easier to burst the cushions with the P.I.N (Pointed Imploding Needle) because there will be less of them.

The screen shows a three dimensional view of Danger Mouse in his car as he battles around the city looking for clues. The bottom half of the screen shows the layout of the city with DM's position marked, along with obstacles such as the Troll with no Plaice to go, who only moves out of your way if you give him a fish. Gedditt? Useful objects can be found by visiting store rooms. Walking through the unmarked doors in the store rooms, DM must try and navigate his way to the blue exit at the top of the screen. When he gets to this stage, a useful object is offered to him. When DM finds one of the baron's factories he must avoid whatever is being manufactured there and get to the top of the screen to the exit door in much the same way as he did in the store rooms. Then it's back into the car and off somewhere else.

While Danger Mouse is hunting around the city looking for clues, the Baron is making more and more cushions. When the number gets to 100 the game ends and Greenback has triumphed. The number of whoopee cushions trundling off the production line is shown at the bottom of the screen along with any bonus marks.


Control keys: O left. P right, Q up, A reverse direction/down, 0 fire/jump, 1 status screen, 2 continue game, 5 abandon game
Joystick: Kempston, Cursor, Interface 2
Keyboard play: fine, but a bit tricky controlling the car
Use of colour: par for the budget course
Graphics: nothing remarkable
Sound: jolly tune, fair effects
Skill levels: one
Screens: scrolling maze