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Danger Mouse In Double Trouble
By Creative Sparks
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #35


First, let's set the scene. London has been enjoying a brief respite from the evil attentions of the power mad Baron Silas Greenback - arch-enemy of Dangermouse.

Our hero is relaxing in his Mayfair penthouse flat – situated in a pillar box in Baker Street. He is sitting quietly reading Cheesemaker Weekly and beginning to think that Greenback has given up his quest for total world domination when, suddenly, the videophone bursts into life. It's Colonel K, head of security and Dangermouse's boss!

"News has just come in from Peruvian intelligence that the mad Baron and his gang of international villains have spent the last fortnight in the depths of the jungle, building a 32k RAM, DMOS, ROM electrically erasable mega micro-mouse hardware unit," growled Colonel K.

"Eh? What's that?” says Dangermouse, looking baffled. Colonel K answers his top agent's question. "The letters stand for Real Artificial Mouse, Dangermouse Operating System, Really 'Orrible Mouse. In other words, it's an android Dangermouse!”

"What!” says Dangermouse, leaping up from his easy chair.

"It can impersonate you and infiltrate our intelligence service to help Greenback's quest for ultimate power," Colonel K explains. "Unless you can reach Greenback's secret workshop in time and stop this evil creation being activated!"

"Right! I'll leave right away sir," Dangermouse says briskly. “Penfold! Get the aerocar ready immediately. We're going to Peru!"

Penfold, Dangermouse's trusty assistant, dashes off to start up the wondercar — and that's where YOU come in!

You must help Dangermouse fly the aerocar to the Peruvian jungle, avoiding Greenback's squadrons of flying robots which attempt to hold our hero back. There's a limited amount of time before the android mouse is activated — So you must work fast.

Once you've reached the jungle, Dangermouse has to negotiate crocodile swamps and a hungry puma which blocks his path.

Then Dangermouse can make his way to Greenback's secret workshop where he must stop Greenback activating the android mouse. If he runs out of time, the android will be released and Greenback will control the world! Phew!

The first screen features some nice graphics. Dangermouse and Penfold are flying toward Peru in the aerocar. Toward them come the nicely drawn variety of Greenback robots. Dangermouse has to fight them off by firing musical notes from the aerocar's special juke-box.

The juke-box has to be told which type of robot it's firing at. Get the note wrong and a robot will hold you up. At first, this is done automatically but, at certain stages of the game, you must operate the robot repellent device manually to score hits.

In the final and most graphically impressive part of the game, we find Dangermouse in Greenback's workshop.

The android mouse is about to be activated. Greenback's sidekick, Stiletto, is programming the android using the On-Off Electrical Key (OO ECK!) and there are only a few minutes left before the task is complete.

DM and Penfold arrive at the base to find the program control box completely surrounded by an electrified floor. DM must stop the programming by extinguishing a row of yellow lights in the control box. To do this, he must use his highly developed index finger to manipulate buttons in the box – while hopping about over the electrified floor! Meanwhile, Penfold is being chased around by Nero, Greenback's caterpillar friend!

Danger Mouse In Double Trouble is a fun game to play. The theme is original and well executed and it will be quite some time before you're able to beat Greenback, playing at the Top Agent level.

The graphics on the final screen are stunning on the Spectrum version and even better on the Commodore 64. Here at C&VG, we're sure you'll enjoy playing this game and will keep coming back for more — just like Greenback!

Creative Sparks says that this could be the first in a series of Dangermouse games. We're looking forward to the next one!