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Computer Gamer

Cosmic Wartoad
By Ocean
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #11

Cosmic Wartoad

The queen of the Cosmic Wartoads has been captured by the Rygellian slime beasts, turned into the ultimate horror, a human female, and is about to be cut in half by a chainsaw. You, as the Cosmic Wartoad, must save her.

However, before you get anywhere near her you will have to battle the slime master, sludge slugs and frenzied flies to get across the time grid.

As you complete a battle against one of these foes, you are given a glimpse of your queen and the saws decent.

If you are to release her you will also have to find the eight pieces of your toolkit that is spread around the grid and consists of a zippo lighter, axe, fish, stanley knife, three million megawatt light bulb, intergalactic whisk, x-ray binoculars and a death ray smutt gun.

If you lose your three lives, you begin again with another three lives but the saw is nearer to your queen.

A fun game which will probably be remembered for its name rather than the game itself.