ZX Computing

Cosmic Guerilla

Author: James Walsh
Publisher: Crystal Computing
Machine: Spectrum 16K

Published in ZX Computing #8

Cosmic Guerrilla

This is a new, original and fast, 100% machine code arcade-type game. The object of the game is to protect your laser bases from the marauding aliens which slowly eat away your defences.

The aliens are lined up vertically on either side of the screen, with your bases vertically lined up in the centre. The aliens smoothly walk towards the centre, and collect the objects which are the only defence your bases have. Your task is to zap the aliens with the laser running horizontally along the bottom of the screen.

Though Cosmic Guerrilla does have some parallels with the 'space invaders' type game, the screen arrangement and the different scenarios put it way ahead in my view. One quality of 'Space Invaders' that it does unashamably possess, is its incredibly addictive quality.

Amongst other things the graphics are good, as well as smooth, plus good sound and colour. This is a very playable game indeed. For all those who have enjoyed Space Invaders, then this is the next step up. Highly recommended.

James Walsh

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