Home Computing Weekly

Cosmic Guerilla

Author: M.B.
Publisher: Crystal Computing
Machine: Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

Yet another Invaders variant, but this one is a little different.

Your three laser cannons are presented vertically up the centre of the screen, protected on both sides by vertical force fields.

The invaders are also in two vertical columns on the left and right of the screen and they move horizontally to and fro, taking pieces of your force field away until the laser cannons are exposed.

Cosmic Guerilla

The invaders can then capture your laser cannons and move these to the side of the screen, thus destroying them.

You are provided with a laser cannon that traverses the bottom of the screen and shoots vertically. In this way, you can pick off the aliens as they move horizontally to take away chunks of the force field.

There are four game options, including a training mode, and six levels of difficulty, plus a one or two player option and high score feature. So, as your skill improves you can move on to a new challenge.

The graphics are good, but I feel that better use could have been made of sound. White Crystal =============

There are not many totally graphic adventures about so I viewed this one with interest.

White Crystal is a great adventure game that really does make good use of the capabilities of the Dragon. The program starts with a melodic theme tune and a colourful title page.

The instructions are detailed but do not explain to you what really is in store as you start your quest for the fabled crystal.

You control a walking stick man and must travel around the screen trying to collect food, treasures and the vital sword.

There is the evil Scard with his powerful laser, which you must avoid or you receive the punishment of hearing the funeral dirge played out of tune by your Dragon.

Climbing up the very top ladder on the screen will take you to a new, different screen with new perils to overcome.

If this game had been written in machine code and could run a little faster, then I would call it an arcade game - the graphics and the action are that good.

I have yet to succeed in getting the white crystal and expect to be playing this game for quite some time. Recommended.


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