Publisher: Mastertronic
Machine: PC (MS-DOS)

Published in Computer & Video Games #100


Ever felt the urge to become premier of one of the troubled Middle Eastern states? Now you can, thanks to the overthrow of the Israeli Prime Minister and this charming new title from Mastertronic. With annual financial aid from the USA, and despite continual disapproval from the United Nations, keep control of your country by fair means or foul.

As is the case in real life, your political career is hampered by inter-state bickering, wars and the daunting prospect of a nuclear arms race, in which you can participate by regular injections of government finances.

Conflict is an absolute snip of a war game at £4.99. It's what you'd expect from this type of product - not much in the way of graphical frills (although the various map screens and icons are admirable, and colourful in EGA mode); it's the excitement of being in control of an unstable Middle Eastern country that gives the game its addictive qualities.

I busted Egypt's tight grip over the continent once (with a little help from Libya!) - you can bet I'll be going for the double!


A cheap and very cheerful war game, and an inexpensive introduction to the world of hard-line strategy gaming.