Condition Red

Publisher: Blue Ribbon
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in Computer & Video Games #66

Condition Red

Your mission is to explore a malfunctioning plutonium plant, collecting fifty plutonium crystals. These are scattered around ten chambers, each with its own set of hazards.

The plant is infested by mutant nasties and cyberdroid guards, all of them kill at a touch. There are assorted obstacles, like electric security floors, and some rather ingenious disappearing floors that vanish as soon as you tread on them. There are escalators, the ubiquitous moving platforms, conveyor belts and so on. Oh, and you've got a limited air supply.

Yes, you've heard it all before. This is tried and tested arcade action. But Condition Red is a good example of its type. The graphics are reasonably smooth, the screens look lively (I particularly liked the perky plutonium crystals, which look like no crystals I've ever seen), and screen response to the keys is good.

If you get frustratingly stuck on one level - as I did - you can give it up and try out some other levels by keying in passwords listed in the instructions. Maybe this detracts from the challenge, but believe me, for the weary reviewer it's a very welcome feature indeed!