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Condition Red
By Blue Ribbon

Published in Computer Gamer #26

Condition Red

Just when you thought you'd forgotten all about platform games, another one appears. The trouble is unless you can do something intelligent with the concept of a platform game (Frak! and Chuckie Egg stand out as excellent examples), there is very little technically you can do with it - throw in a few platforms, some nasties, a bit of treasure, a couple of bonus objects, some collapsing walkways, a lift and so on. Result: instant tedium for all but the most rabid platform freaks.

Of course, some classic games have been put together - Manic Miner astounds, its simple screens are somehow deadly compulsive - but most others are boring, a dead-end.

Condition Red is no better or no worse than many others. There are multiple screens, fifty objects to collect, etc, etc. It's quite nicely programmed, neat and playable too, but it reminds me of so many other platform games. What about a bit of originality programmers, please?