Commando Vs. Rambo
By Elite
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #52

Commando Vs. Rambo

Rugged, athletic, mean, butch, offensive. That's Rambo - Ocean's muscular little sprite is bound for big bucks.

The idea is for Rambo to rescue his buddies somewhere in a screen jungle littered with little animated soldiers. His first mission is to photograph the prison camp where Vietnam P.O.W.s are being held. Rambo, being the hero he is, just seems to get the urge to rescue all and sundry.

Rambo is armed at first with only a bow and arrow (also the famous exploding war head arrow!) and a knife. To make sure he's not noticed by the opposition, he must try not to use any noisy weapons. Along the way he can find machine guns and rocket launchers lying redundant in the fields which he can use to good effect. He then has to find a helicopter and rescue his buddies. All pretty straight-forward, huh? Not really. There are a lot of elements of Commando in this arcade adventure, but not enough real gameplay to be addictive enough.

Rambo: First Blood Part 2

However, Commando by Elite is a different kettle of fish altogether. This sticks closely to the arcade game and has great music by that Commodore maestro Rob Hubbard (Monty On The Run music) your little G. I. Joe is beautifully animated and looks really rough and tough. This doesn't mean that you are invincible. Unlike Rambo, with his depleting energy, you have only to be shot once and your next life takes over.

There are five stages to complete, getting increasingly difficult as you go. You can only shoot as fast as your finger can hit the fire button so prepare for aches and pains.

Although you don't have as large an arsenal as Rambo, you do have one little trick up your sleeve... grenades.

However, these can run out. Fear not, supplies can be found all along the way. These are fired in the direction you are facing by hitting the space bar. Lorries, trucks, mortars, motorbikes and a lot more bar your way but still you soldier on.

Altogether a maddening, totally addictive arcade copy which definitely makes Rambo look like Mr. Puniverse. No doubt about it!