Computer Gamer

Colossus Chess 4.0

Publisher: CDS
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #14

Colossus Chess 4.0

Colossus Chess has been around for a year or so now, and is an improved version of Colossus Chess 3.0.

The manual modestly states that this is the best computer chess program available for any home computer. This is also stated on the packaging and on the opening screen. Looking in the manual there is a record of a number of games played on a number of different computers and with different software. It is not surprising the Colossus beat them all; what is surprising is that all but seven were beaten 16-0!

The game that it plays is very strong and would beat me every time. Cyruss II Chess, an extremely good chess game was beaten 13-3 according to the manual.

Colossus Chess 4

Comparisons will be drawn between these two games as they are the best games on the Amstrad. They both have a 3D display option, though Cyruss II has the edge due to its incredible use of colour shading.

The graphics in Colossus are only in two colours, and thus look a bit 'flat', but anybody who buys this game is more interested in the ability of the game rather than in the graphics.

All the usual chess options are supported, along with a few new ones. And the disk comes with some sample games and problems on it.

If you are a good chess player then this is the game for you as it is so powerful. If you don't require that sort of strong game then I would have to recommend the Cyruss II games as it is easier to use and its presentation is better.