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Clumsy Colin
By Mastertronic
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #4

Clumsy Colin

Computers and crisps haven't really gone together until now. Mastertronic and KP crisps have joined forces to bring KP's marketing character to your C64. It's all been worthwhile too, and although the end result boils down to being a collecting game, it's definitely one of the better ones.

You take the role of Clumsy Colin the biker and you've got to go out on your bike and collect items scattered throughout the 'softsolid' 3D town. The town has roads, houses, lakes, and rollercoaster type constructions. The items you have to collect will eventually help you overcome the various obstacles littered over the landscape.

You commence the game outside the town's petrol station, and have to return here when your bike's fuel starts to run low (although one of the items you can pick up later on in the game is an enlarged fuel tank). Once you start you are given a time limit to collect the first item, which is somewhere in the landscape. Luckily, your bike is able to go off the road, although you have to be careful not to ride into the myriad of fences and walls.

Once an item has been collected, the time remaining is converted into points and another time limit is given. As the game goes on, the objects are put in less accessible places and eventually you have to use all your skill to reach an item. For example, you have to use ramps to jump fences to collect an item totally fenced in.

The town is quite large and 'wraps round' so it's possible to keep on travelling on the same road until your fuel runs out.


On first viewing, this game presents similar graphics and control to Ant Attack but much faster. The fiddly control took a bit of getting used to, being rather like Asteroids. As soon as these were mastered, I found myself really enjoying myself as I whizzed about the town. The sound is a very jolly tune and I soon found myself singing along with it after a few games. The only disappointing aspect is the actual biker himself who is not very well defined. Overall, this is an amusing game to play and can present hours of fun to both novices and video aces alike at the amazing Mastertronic price of £1.99.


Mastertronic keep up their recent high standards of quality with their latest release. Clumsy Colin is an excellent game with high addictive qualities which kept me returning for 'just one more go'. The graphics are very good with the nicely detailed 3D town, which gave a really realistic feel as I zoomed about the landscape. It was also great fun trying to ride over the roller coaster and tackling the scaffolding on the building site. The sound is great too, with a funky tune adding to the game immensely. Although the controls are rather fiddly, the game makes it well worth persevering. I don't want to say this (but I will) as this is now becoming a Mastertronic cliche, but I can think of a lot worse things you could buy for £1.99.


One of Mastertronic's latest and certainly one of their greatest releases to date. It doesn't offer anything outstandingly original, but that doesn't matter - what it does offer is many hours of enjoyable and frustrating play. The graphical representation of the town is very good, although Colin himself is rather poor, and scrolling is first class. The music is the best piece yet from Mastertronic as are the sound FX and both are very good. The game is great fun to play and is a nice variation on the pick-em-up theme - and at such a low price!


Presentation 60%
Nothing special, but adequate.

Graphics 81%
Solid, fast 3D graphics.

Sound 80%
Funky tune, reasonably jolly.

Hookability 88%
Whizzing round on your bike has never been so much fun.

Lastability 77%
It will take many enjoyable games to collect all the things.

Value For Money 91%
Two quid seems positively criminal!

Overall 83%
Good game, low price, can't be bad.