Publisher: Cosmi
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #100


Chomp! must surely rate as the world's first simulation of life as a goldfish - mind you, I suppose it has to happen sooner or later; I expected it to be released by Codemasters, though.

Anyway, as the aquatic fauna in question, eat all of your food to make you grow big and strong, then jump from your goldfish bowl to the paradise of the tropical fish tank, battling with your piscine adversaries to become king of the aquarium. Watch out for larger fish who'll eat you, and the power-draining seaweed.

And if you see the cat's paw in your vicinity, steer well clear! In fact, steer clear if you see Chomp! in the shops - it's a truly awful game. For a start, it looks as though it's running on a Spectrum (complete with colour clash!) as opposed to a C64.

The gameplay is as exciting as the real thing (i.e. not very) but the biggest shock is the price: £14.99 would be a joke if Electronic Zoo weren't being serious.


An appalling piece of software which is only worth buying if you've got more money than sense and mum won't let you keep fish.