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Chickin' Chase
By Firebird
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #113

Hey, monsieur, you wanna buy zome naughty French zoftware, huh?

The scenario for this French produced game takes place in a chicken coop, where you adopt the role of the cockerel defending his hen's eggs from predators - all very ecological.

The programmers show their Gallic origins by dragging their national sport into the proceedings. In the words of the inlay card: "he must eat to keep up his strength so that he is able to honour the requests of Madame". Well how did you think eggs are produced?

Between attacks you must take the occasional trip through a door with a heart on it, which then closes to draw a veil over the next few seconds.

The cockerel is followed out of the door by his spouse who then proceeds to climb up to lay her eggs on one of the two roosting platforms. The number of eggs depends on how long the rooster dallied with his lady love behind the closed door.

Whilst all this activity is going on hedgehogs, rats, stoats and snakes enter the coop to steal eggs and the cockerel must ensure that none of the eggs are stolen otherwise the hen charges out of her love nest and lands a blow with a rolling pin on the cockerel's head, resulting in the loss of one of his three lives.

Points are scored for each chick which hatches.

Initially entertaining, the action is more frantic than varied and the chicken graphics are blocky and unappealing. Assuming no objections from Mary Whitehouse, the game should be available under the counter at your local dealers.


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